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Shabbat Live Streamed Services


 Romemu is pleased to annouce that we are live streaming our Friday night Shabbat services every week. Just check out the side bar each week for the link to our service stream. So even when you are not with us, you can still get that sweet taste of Shabbat.

The Ultimate Chametz: Email

From Rabbi David Ingber and
Ilene Sameth, Executive Director
Dear Members of the Romemu Community:

As Pesach approaches, it is traditional to begin cleaning our homes from leavened products, or chametz. This age-old practice was significantly expanded in meaning by the great thinkers of the Chassidic movement. In their minds, chametz was not only limited to leavened edibles (though this was certainly was true!) but all things that lacked simplicity of matzah. Just water and flour. Bare-bones essence.

If you have received an email from our Executive Director about your Credit Card

 The Romemu database has been changed and we have sent an email to a number of people to update their information. This notice is placed here to confirm that this email was indeed sent by Romemu. Please do not worry if you have not received this email.

Seekers: the Hebrew School at Romemu


At Romemu we understand that Judaism is about living life deeply — not just about acquiring information.

The Well: Lifelong Learning at Romemu

Welcome to The Well

Adult Education at Romemu

Our Spring 2015 semester has begun!

Some courses have not started yet.


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